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A Passion for Birds
Company: A Passion for Birds

A Passion for Birds is a comic, interactive, educational show about adaptation. It uses Henry Lappen's beautiful handmade masks to explore bird biology. Through a combination of mime, comedy and science,

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Act!vated Story Theatre
Company: Act!vated Story Theatre

Act!vated Story Theatre stages two multicultural folktales before a giant oversized book, encouraging reading and the love of theatre. Presented with physical comedy, mime, dance, music and audience

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Acting for Teens
Company: Acting for YoungSTARS!, JapeScape Productions


For the quick witted! A fast and fun workshop patterned after the T.V. Show "Whose Line is it Anyway?

II. Monologues:

Take center stage and express yourself! Big stories told

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Alex the Jester
Company: Alex the Jester

This past year, numerous libraries reported breaking crowds when Alex the Jester performed his hilarious act. Inspired by the medievil fool, this delightful mischief maker will also motivate readers

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Children's Voices
Company: Children's Voices Theater

Promote Literacy and Celebrate the Imagination With Children's Voices Theatre.

Children's Voices Theatre transforms stories and poems written by students K-6, into a magical theatrical experience

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Cindy's Mime Theatre
Company: Cindy Melikian

Cindy performs entertaining mime skits. Then, a few children are selected to come up and participate in a skit based on a children's book. For example: Jack & the Beanstock, Snow White,etc. Program

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The Alphabet Show
Company: Comic Mime Robert Rivest

The Alphabet Show is an amazing synthesis of movement, imagination, and laughter. With a different comic mime/story for each letter of the alphabet, Robert Rivest hilariously animates the joy

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Science in Motion
Company: Comic Mime Robert Rivest

Science in Motion is a mesmerizing blend of comedy and science that captivates both children and adults! Robert Rivest's creative use of movement, imagery, and audience participation allows

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Healthy Choices
Company: Comic Mime Robert Rivest

Happiness is a Healthy Body and Mind is a high-energy comedy program in which health and humor go hand in hand.

Robert Rivest's humorous insights connect deeply with Children, Teens,

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Learn, Laugh and Let go - The Stress Management Show!
Company: Comic Mime Robert Rivest

Learn, Laugh, and Let Go: Interactive Stress Relief Show! Robert Rivest takes a humorous look at modern day stress and what we can do about it. Using mime, comedy, insight, and interaction Robert offers

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