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"Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship" A Wizard's Fundraiser

Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship can host your library's fundraiser. Local libraries advertise a Wizard's Quest where kids fight monsters with foam swords and foam spell packets while solving mysteries

"Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship" A Samurai Tale

Our Samurai arrives in costume and talks of what it was like to live in the time of the Samurai. He will bring sample (unsharp) weapons and Kendo armor for the audience to touch and try on. Optionally,

A Bright, Professional Magic Show: Matt Roberts Matt Roberts: MAGIC As Seen At Boston's Symphony Hall

As Seen On PBS, NBC's Today Show And Annually At Boston's Symphony Hall For His "Music & Magic" Series: Matt Roberts Presents An Unforgettable, Professional Show That Will Make Your Next Family Event

A Class From The Past Colonial Life

A hands-on experience for fun and learning, focusing on general life and the life of a child in Colonial times. Children are allowed to hold various artifacts such as household items and toys. Session

Aaron Larget-Caplan Dance, Love, Sleep

Guitar Recital featuring Dances from Spain & Latin America, Love songs, and New Lullabies commissioned by Aaron Larget-Caplan from living composer from across the United States

Aaron Larget-Caplan Latin Travels

Latin Travels

A rousing journey via music & poetry through wild jungles & rainforests, gorgeous cathedrals, & bustling colonial cities of Latin America with Aaron Larget-Caplan & his guitar.

Alfred Watson The World's Greatest Classical Romantic Music

Lecture & Piano Recital: Classical Music:

The program includes the story behind Valentine's Day; stories about the love interest of some of the composers and what inspired their love songs and

Alfred Watson POLAND

Lecture & Piano Recital: Classical:

Who better to speak to the music, culture and history of Poland, than a man who's heritage is in the Tatra Mountains of Poland? Who better to play the beloved

All 4 Music All 4 Music and Music 4 All

The purpose of this one hour workshop/presentation is to encourage creativity in kids through music. The presenter - Yury Shenkar goes over a few of the most basic concepts of music in a simple, entertaining

All Art by Let's Gogh Art Around the World Creativity Tour

Let's Gogh Art will take you on a whirlwind tour of the world, traveling between two-four different countries in the span of 60-180 minutes (depending upon your budget and interests). This educational,

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