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Performer Program Description
Agnes Novak Counting Out the Trees

A Fairy Tale with a modern twist: Famous fairy tale characters wonder why and how the Trees of Fairy Land are disappearing. Because trees are missing, Pinocchio, Hansel and Gretel, Peter and Piggy and

Agnes Novak The Waltzing Alphabet

An educational program teaching young children the letters of the alphabet.

Performed with a group of string marionettes, engaging music, song and sets.

Perfect for early childhood programs,

Agnes Novak The Tango of Numbers

Stringed marionettes want to learn what children learn in school and Lily Rose teaches them how to count to ten.

Using music, song, beautiful sets and hand carved wooden marionettes, this program

All Art by Let's Gogh Art Let's Gogh Drama

This workshop will be set up in stations where each girl will learn about the world of drama, with an art "skit" thrown in for fun. Children will learn about Greek theater at their first stop on this

Amy Conley Amy Conley: Songs & Puppets

Amy Conley presents movement songs, dances, fingerplays and humorous puppets with guitar, banjo, harmonica and leads parents with young children to experience the joy of singing and family music-making,

annie and the natural wonder band Everyday is Earth Day

"Every Day is Earth Day" is a fun-filled, interactive concert about the wonders of nature and what we can do to preserve them. Topics such as global warming, overflowing landfills, water pollution,

annie and the natural wonder band Whales and Tales

Discover the wonders of marine life in "Whales & Tales." Annie & the Natural Wonder Band will take you on a musical cruise from the depths of "Welcome to the world of Benthos" to the heights of "Flying

annie and the natural wonder band On Safari with Annie

"On Safari" is a fun-filled, interactive concert full of original songs about the rainforest.Get ready to dance along to the "Hippa Hippopotamus", become a "Beautiful Frog", act like a "Real Cool Cat"

annie and the natural wonder band Totally Bugged Out

Don't get bugged, get totally bugged out! How? Why, hop like a green grasshopper, follow the journey of the monarch butterfly, learn the waggle dance of the honeybee field worker and celebrate pollination

annie and the natural wonder band Pre-School Greatest Hits

Upbeat, interactive songs for the pre-school set about colors, shapes, letters, numbers, sequencing, animals, parts of the body, and music, itself. Annie will play guitar and joyfully share her bags

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