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. Mark Binder - Author and Story Performer Tales for Peace When does a conflict begin? What are the consequences of violence? Can problems be solved peacefully? There is an alternative to war. Combining storytelling skills with martial arts experience, Mark
. Mark Binder - Author and Story Performer Off the Page - Storytelling and literacy A story is told in words, but seen in the mind. This literacy program excites the imagination. Familiar stories lead listeners back to the books, while original tales leave them hungry for more. What
. Mark Binder - Author and Story Performer Tales of Chelm The villagers of Chelm are known as Wise Fools. These stories acquaint students with Jewish customs, and the challenges of change. Stories include: "The Chelm Mitzvah", "Why the Bride and Groom are on
. Mark Binder - Author and Story Performer . Fizz Boom Read - Eureka! Science Stories Closely aligned with the "Science" theme of Fizz-Boom-Read. Stories range from "How Og Invented Gravity" to Archimedes to other original and traditional stories with a scientific nugget. This program was
. Mark Binder - Author and Story Performer Go Green -- Stories and Song Stories about getting outdoors and breathing fresh air! These are songs and stories that engage youngsters and parents alike. Animals, adventures, and laughs from an award-winning author and storyteller.
. Mark Binder - Author and Story Performer Silly Stories You'll smile and laugh when you hear Mark Binder tell Silly Stories (and songs). Mr. Binder, an author and story performer, loves a good story and loves making kids (and adults) grin. Your patrons will
. Mark Binder - Author and Story Performer Telling and Reading Stories with Children Reading and telling stories to young children helps them learn how to read, yet parents can be nervous and frightened. This program will help parents learn to overcome any anxieties they have and snuggle
. Mark Binder - Author and Story Performer A Holiday Present A great way to bring families together in the winter months. Multicultural holiday stories and songs: Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Diwali, New Year's and Solstice. If you want a taste, listen
. Mark Binder - Author and Story Performer It Ate My Sister (and other tales of giants and giant slugs) Kids love stories that are... icky. Stories with burps, snakes, slugs, and maybe even farts. If you don't have a sense of humor, don't schedule this event. Perfect for Halloween, Breaks and Summer
A Day With Award-Winning Author, Jeff Nathan The Silly Laughing Musical Fun Poetry Show ---A family program for libraries and schools * Humorous poetry, music, laughter and fun abound in this magical session for families. There's a parent-kid contest, a family project, and more of Jeff's exuded enthusiasm, guitar-playing, singing and
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