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All Art by Let's Gogh Art Edible FunShop for Starving Artists Yummy fun for starving artists!! Literally "make your masterpiece and eat it too" in this very creative and edible workshop. Taste the best that art has to offer. Please come with your imagination and
Beth Goldman Cooking and History We have a variety of programs that present historical perspectives and cooking. Time period and focus is dependent upon the group's request. Food samples are provided, plus a bibliography and recipes.
Judy Gelman & Vicki Levy Krupp The Book Club Cookbook What are book clubs across America reading – and eating? How do successful groups create exciting meetings? And how can food add a unique and delicious dimension to discussions of literature? Join Judy
Medical Survival Consultants First Aid Every Parent Should Know Learn first aid using household products that can save you money and frustration. Learn the proper first aid methods for injuries common to children that every parent or caregiver should be familiar with.
Medical Survival Consultants Prevention Through Nutrition Our nutritionist/Dietary specialist is more than willing to put together a course to meet your needs.
Norma Chang, The Travelling Gourmet FAMILY -- She Got My Kid to Eat Cauliflower!!!!! **FAMILY** -- Yes, the kid ate cauliflower and broccoli and carrots and ... This is a fun and interactive program encouraging children to eat healthy. Parents are introduced to easy and low-fat but high-flavor
Norma Chang, The Travelling Gourmet ADULTS -- Entertain with Ease, Style & an Asian Flair (Time-Saving, No-Fuss, Low-Fat Chinese Cooking) **ADULTS** -- Entertain indoors or outdoors with an Asian flair. Chinese cookbook author, Norma Chang, will demonstrate how to create several scrumptious, crowd-pleasing, Chinese dishes that are just right
Norma Chang, The Travelling Gourmet ADULTS -- Garden to Wok - Growing and Cooking Chinese Vegetables **ADULTS** -- Let Norma Chang, The Travelling Gourmet who is also a certified Master Gardener and Chinese cookbook author, introduce you to the joy of gardening. Learn which Chinese vegetables are suitable
Norma Chang, The Travelling Gourmet ADULTS -- Oodles of (Chinese) Noodles (Time-Saving, No-Fuss, Low-Fat Chinese Cooking) **ADULTS** -- Weaving time-saving tips and helpful hints into her presentation, Chinese cookbook author, Norma Chang, enthusiastically demystifies Chinese noodles for her audience and introduces participants
Norma Chang, The Travelling Gourmet ADULTS -- Let Your Freezer Be Your Friend (Time-Saving, No-Fuss, Low-Fat Chinese Cooking) **ADULTS** -- Cooking is so much easier and so much more fun when you make the most of your freezer by letting it be your friend and help save time. Eat healthy and not be a slave to the kitchen. Chinese
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