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"Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship" A Wizard's Fundraiser

Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship can host your library's fundraiser. Local libraries advertise a Wizard's Quest where kids fight monsters with foam swords and foam spell packets while solving mysteries

"Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship" A Knights Tale

Our costumed and armored Knight arrives and tells a tale about life in Medieval times. He brings with him pieces of armor for kids to try on, sample (unsharp) weapons and if you wish, some foam swords

"Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship" Stage Combat Choreography for Kids & Adults

Learn the basics of Stage Combat Choreography used in theater and the movies. Using foam swords, attendees get to learn and practice skills in this interactive program.

Act!vated Story Theatre Act!vated Story Theatre

Act!vated Story Theatre stages two multicultural folktales before a giant oversized book, encouraging reading and the love of theatre. Presented with physical comedy, mime, dance, music and audience

Andy Volpe: Art & History Roman Legionary - Roman Empire

Learn about the life and times of a Roman Legionary soldier during the Roman Empire in the 1st Century AD/CE. In this unique and engaging presentation, Andy Volpe wearing carefully researched reproduction

Andy Volpe: Art & History Roman Legionary - Late Republic (Julius Caesar)

Learn about the life as a Roman Soldier during the turbulent times of the Great Civil War between Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great, which brought an end to Rome's Republic and paved the way for the

BAREFOOT ARTS Sew-Green Design Workshop

Children are invited to participate in a creative arts performance and sewing workshop with Susan Paino, designed especially for the 2010 Summer Reading Program. The workshop begins with an original

Charlotte Dore/ Rosalita's Puppets The Dollmakers Ghost and Other Stories

Proffesional actor and storyteller, puppeteer and audio book narrator presents 3 chilling ghost stories in full Victorian gothic costume using real antique props and handmade dolls, objects and mementos.


This fun program will transform children of all ages into the secret world of the Secret Agent. Inspector Magic will provide magical comedy that might be seen on 'Get Smart,' 'the Pink Panther,' and

Jay Mankita Amazing Time Travel Show

Perfect for the 2015 Hero theme, 'The Amazing Time Travel Show', presented by musical madmen Jay Mankita, and Moti

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