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Performer Program Description
All Art by Let's Gogh Art StoryArt

A combination of literacy education and arts & crafts enrichment. Expert storytelling and thematic art projects. More than 40 themes to choose from. Each child will see the characters come to life

All Art by Let's Gogh Art Around the World Creativity Tour

Let's Gogh Art will take you on a whirlwind tour of the world, traveling between two-four different countries in the span of 60-180 minutes (depending upon your budget and interests). This educational,

All Art by Let's Gogh Art Let's Gogh Art

Let's Gogh Art is an art and craft studio on wheels! We bring any of our more than 150 arts & crafts projects, themes and activities to your location. We supply all of the materials and instruction

All Art by Let's Gogh Art ArtBlast to Gogh

Have an ArtBlast with this unique program from Art to Gogh. Several stations will be offered to participants where creativity can really take off: collaborative murals, clay play, tissue art, friendship

All Art by Let's Gogh Art DanceBlast to Gogh

Join your friends and family and have a creative DanceBlast with this unique program from Let's Gogh Art. Enjoy world music, color your own guitar, dance, create CD mobiles, play instruments, musical

All Art by Let's Gogh Art Art Dudes

Come on y'all and join Cowboy B'Art and his faithful sidekick, Polka Dot for a western art-venture. Everyone will paint a wooden cowboy plaque, make a Wanted poster and get a real sheriff's badge.

All Art by Let's Gogh Art Summer Reading 2008-Wild About Art

Join us on an art-venture this summer. This one-hour workshop for kids promotes reading, literacy and art. After listening to a story about wild animals, kids will create their own pieces of art such

All Art by Let's Gogh Art Paintbrush Princesses & Pirates

Princesses and pirates will use a paintbrush, paint and palette to paint their very own canvas princess and pirate pictures. Each canvas comes with a pre-drawn outline of a princess or a pirate for

All Art by Let's Gogh Art Life's a Beach

A summer fun workshop where everyone will try some sand painting, decorate a pair of sunglasses and a pair of flip-flops with all kinds of fun paint, glue-ons and more.

All Art by Let's Gogh Art All About Me Scrapbooks

We'll create a one of kind scrapbook in this great workshop for kids. Bring summer memory pictures and create a treasure to last a lifetime. We offer some amazing supplies and an amazing instructor

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