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Dale Freeman Music for Young Children

Throughout New England - children, parents and librarians truly enjoy this program! (Read the outstanding reviews by librarians at Dale's website!) For over 10 years, Dale has performed his own songs

"Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship" A Knights Tale

Our costumed and armored Knight arrives and tells a tale about life in Medieval times. He brings with him pieces of armor for kids to try on, sample (unsharp) weapons and if you wish, some foam swords

"Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship" Stage Combat Choreography for Kids & Adults

Learn the basics of Stage Combat Choreography used in theater and the movies. Using foam swords, attendees get to learn and practice skills in this interactive program.

"Uncle Moe" - Music for the whole family Uncle Moe

Uncle Moe is New England's own rock 'n roll band for kids and families. With our catchy music, educational themes, and silly act, we've been delighting audiences at town libraries, summer camps, music

A Beautiful Future A Beautiful Future

An interactive multicultural music program for children of all ages.

With joyful songs and games, movement and laughter, the Beautiful Future Band guides children young and old on a lively musical

A Class From The Past Colonial Life

A hands-on experience for fun and learning, focusing on general life and the life of a child in Colonial times. Children are allowed to hold various artifacts such as household items and toys. Session

A Day With Award-Winning Author, Jeff Nathan The Silly Laughing Musical Fun Poetry Show ---A family program for libraries and schools

* Humorous poetry, music, laughter and fun abound in this magical session for families. There's a parent-kid contest, a family project, and more of Jeff's exuded enthusiasm, guitar-playing, singing

A Day With Award-Winning Author, Jeff Nathan CurricuLaughs (for Schools)

Learning language arts through HUMOR and music. Gets the right brain to help in traditionally left-brained subject areas. See for details on these incredible programs. A

A Day With Award-Winning Author, Jeff Nathan Inside the ADHD Mind

Award-winning children's author and poet Jeff Nathan provides unique ADHD insight, delving into why the inattentive mind wanders (and to where). He shares specific ideas to help ADHD (and non-ADHD)

A Parenting Story A Parenting Story

Bill Campbell's one-person performance laughs and cries about a Dad's life that he knows very well.

"A Parenting Story" is a one act, one-person 90-minute play that examines the joys and heartaches

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