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Historical Programs and Characters

Performer Program Description
"Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship" A Knights Tale

Our costumed and armored Knight arrives and tells a tale about life in Medieval times. He brings with him pieces of armor for kids to try on, sample (unsharp) weapons and if you wish, some foam swords

"Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship" A Samurai Tale

Our Samurai arrives in costume and talks of what it was like to live in the time of the Samurai. He will bring sample (unsharp) weapons and Kendo armor for the audience to touch and try on. Optionally,

A Beautiful Future A Beautiful Future

An interactive multicultural music program for children of all ages.

With joyful songs and games, movement and laughter, the Beautiful Future Band guides children young and old on a lively musical

A Class From The Past Colonial Life

A hands-on experience for fun and learning, focusing on general life and the life of a child in Colonial times. Children are allowed to hold various artifacts such as household items and toys. Session

Act!vated Storytellers Shakespeare Shazam

A 45-minute musical for audiences who like to rock out. A fun show with a variety of characters from Shakespeare's classics, some jammin' tunes, an electric guitar and even the Bard himself.


Alastair Moock Alastair Moock: Music and Social Change

In this structured, educational program, award-winning songwriter Alastair introduces the music that shaped and connected three of America's most important movements for social change: the Labor Rights

Alastair Moock Alastair Moock: The Language of Song

In this structured, educational program, award-winning songwriter Alastair Moock brings his guitar and his passion for American folk music to teach language arts skills in this lively, interactive workshop.

Alastair Moock Alastair Moock: Playing with Tradition

American folk music, like all folk music, is rooted in tradition. But the form is constantly evolving, with songwriters reworking older songs to tell new stories. In this lively, upbeat performance

Alex the Jester Alex the Jester

This past year, numerous libraries reported breaking crowds when Alex the Jester performed his hilarious act. Inspired by the medievil fool, this delightful mischief maker will also motivate readers

Alfred Watson NUTCRACKER - Lecture & Recital

Lecture & Piano Recital: Classical: Alfred will perform selections from the music of the Nutcracker Suite Ballet by Tchaikovsky. In addition he will tell the story of each scene, providing interesting

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