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Colonial Life

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Pre-k to 4th


A hands-on experience for fun and learning, focusing on general life and the life of a child in Colonial times. Children are allowed to hold various artifacts such as household items and toys. Session ends with children making butter and playing "Stump the Colonist". Performer is dressed in authentic reproduction colonial clothing.

An additional game or craft session is also available.

$250. Duplicate shows in one location are nogotiable. Travel fees may apply.

Group Size
25 works best

Program Length
45 mins - 1 hour

Facility Requirements
Room large enough for seating of children and space for performer to walk amongst them.

Last Modified

I am an assistance librarian in Dighton's Youth Services Department and I am VERY used to the behavior of young children! Audience participation is always welcomed.

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Dighton Public Library
Dighton, MA

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A Class From The Past

Sandra Houle
P.O. Box 802
N. Dighton, MA 02764
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