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The Tango of Numbers

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3 to 6 years


Stringed marionettes want to learn what children learn in school and Lily Rose teaches them how to count to ten.

Using music, song, beautiful sets and hand carved wooden marionettes, this program is educational and fun.

$300. travel included

Group Size

Program Length
30 minutes

Facility Requirements
access to an outlet

Last Modified

An hour workshop teaching children how to create a simple marionette can follow the performance. Fee per workshop is $150, includes all materials.

Recent Library/School Appearances by Agnes Novak

Wheeler Memorial Library
Orange, MA
 (978) 544-2495

Nantucket Atheneum Library
Nantucket, MA
 (508) 228-1110

Woodbridge Town Library
Woodbridge, CT
 (203) 389-3447

Performer’s Contact Information

Agnes Novak

Agnes Novak
8 Table Rock Road
Lincoln, RI 02865
 (401) 724-2501
Preferred Contact Method: Email

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