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General Science Demonstration

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Audience:7 yrs. - 16 yrs.

We offer a general presentation which includes demonstrations of basic physics concepts with hands on examples. These include: why things float; conservation of momentum; high voltage electrical demos; basic electrical-magnetic relationships; generation of electricity by riding a bicycle; the effects of extreme cold using liquid nitrogen; breaking water up into its basic elements of oxygen and hydrogen and showing how to use it as fuel; using prisms to show the light spectrum and energy. In addition, there are other topics available which can be combined with the General Science demonstration or offered separately. These topics include: The History of Timekeeping, Classical Celestial Navigation, Robotics, and Space Exploration.

Fee:$175. The base fee is for one show. If multiple shows are desired, I can do up to 6 shows in one day for $500. These fees do not include travel or lodging.
Group Size:can vary
Program Length:45 minutes - 1 hour
Facility Requirements:4 X 8 table or equivalent. 120V AC, 10-20 AMP service. Need some supervision of audience depending on their ages.
Last Modified:01/22/2004
Comments:It would be helpful to consider that the age of the audience should be approximately the same, within one or two years. Shows can be tailored to your specific topics/needs. Please contact me to discuss.

Recent Library/School Appearances by Archimedes Legacy:

Ipswich Public Library Ipswich, MA 978-356-6648
Pollard Memorial Library Lowell, MA 978-970-4120

Performer’s Contact Information:

Archimedes Legacy

Paul Woodley
12 Centre St.
Danvers, MA 01923
Phone: 978-762-8488
Preferred Contact Method: Email
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