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Halloween Fun

Program Categories: * Music * Costumes * Miscellaneous
Audience:4 - 10 year-olds

"Halloween Fun" is a participatory musical program chock full of action-packed Halloween songs, tongue-twisters, seasonal humor, and one not-too-scary Halloween tale with eerie sound effects. A few spooky (but mostly silly) Halloween poems are tossed in for good measure making this Halloween experience one which kids love.

jeanniemack accompanies herself on guitar and harmonica and appears in costume.

Fee:$300. For libraries that are 100 miles or more round trip (from 01923) the fee is $350 for one show. If you book an additional performance on the same day in a local pre-school or school, the fee is lower.
Group Size:flexible
Program Length:45 minutes
Facility Requirements:5' x 6' space with power source
Last Modified:01/24/2008
Comments:jeanniemack has more than 20 years experience in performance, and she offers a 12-song CD for sale.

Recent Library/School Appearances by jeanniemack...performer for kids:

Walpole Public Library Walpole, MA 508-660-7384
Wilmington Public Library Wilmington, MA 978-694-2098
Belmont Public Library Belmont, MA 617-993-2880

Performer’s Contact Information:

jeanniemack...performer for kids

Jeannie Mack
73 Water St.
Danvers, MA 01923
Phone: 978-762-9747
Web Site:
Preferred Contact Method: Email
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