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Band-Aid the Balloon Man

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3 and up


Ballooning (making balloon animals): This event is for all ages. I create balloon sculptures of dogs, teddy bears, crazy hats, swords, and much more. This event prices at:

$45.00 for the first 1/2 hour. After the first 1/2, $15.00 for every additional 15 minutes.

There is a $45.00 flat fee for appearance and travel time (long distance travel may cost extra.) This fee only applies if you, the customer, chooses to have less than a 1/2 hour of performance time from myself, Band-Aid the Balloon Man.




Children Magic Shows: This event is for children of ages 5-10. It involves basic magic tricks (card tricks, color changing magic, disappearing acts, etc.) and participation from the children.

This event is $20.00 for the first 15 minutes. An additional 15 minutes is $10.00 more. The maximum time for a magic show is a 1/2 an hour.


Clown Act: This is a whimsical, fun filled, audience participation performance. This event is put on by myself and with help from you and the rest of the audience. It include magic, miming, balloon twisting, and more. The performance is for all ages!

This event runs about a 1/2 hour and is $50.00.

~CLASSES~Balloon Twisting: This is a class for people of ALL AGES that want to be the life of the party. I teach the craft of basic balloon twisting. This class will allow people to learn the techniques and styles of ballooning, also some different balloon sculptures (such as dogs, giraffes, swords, and more!) Twisting classes can run a couple different ways.

They can be held as a several weeks/ days program (for camps, after school programs, etc.) This will allow the students to progress each week/ day to advance to more difficult sculpture. Also creational sparks will start to fly and bounce off one another forming new ideas and ways to create.

The class can be a one day program, for any amount time that is desired by you.

Classes can include a beginners ballooning kit. This kit contains 48 twisting balloons, a hand pump, and an instructional book that will help remind you how to create the sculptures that were learned in class. Also the book might help you learn some new ones too. Some time during class, if some have the book, I will refer to it; because some need a little more instruction then just me talking. I strongly recommend the kit that way everyone can be on the same page. Not to worry if you run out of balloons during any class time and have order the kit and ran out coming back to class I will provide more for you during class and a few practice ones for home. Also during the class I will give you a website that give you great quality balloons. (I am not affiliated with this company so I am not just trying to sell you when I say great quality.) The cost of each kit is $12.95.

Note: If you choose to get the kit through myself, please give me enough time, notice in advance so I can order them and have them in time for class.

If you chose not to order the ballooning kit you must provide a pump and balloons for yourself.

Prices will be determined by:

Travel Time

Amount of Classes and Time


Group Size
The More The Merrier

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Granby Public Library
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Band-Aid the Balloon Man

Nate Murphy
107 West State Street
Granby, MA 01033
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