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Lizzie Borden and the 40 Whacks

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Lizzie Borden was accused of the vicious ax murders of her father and stepmother. Did she do it? The audience must decide. The actors portray characters from the Borden trial. The audience hears the actual closing statements made by the attorneys at the original trial. Then the audience has a chance to question Lizzie, her attorneys and her maid. Then the vote is taken. Will Miss Lizzie be found innocent once again?

Following the show, the interogation of the witnesses and attorneys, and the vote, audience members will get a chance to talk to actors, author and director about what actually happened to Miss Lizzie following her trial.

Fee:$350. A travel fee may need to be added.
Group Size:5-300
Program Length:1 hour plus
Facility Requirements:2 chairs for the performers and a place to plug in a boom box
Last Modified:07/16/2009
Comments:The show can be adapted for young audiences. The show works for those who have a lot of information about the case and for those who know nothing about the case.

Recent Library/School Appearances by Delvena Theatre Company, Inc.:

Nahant Public Library Nahant, MA 1-781-581-0306
Robbins Library Arlington, MA 1-781-316-3200
Andover Public Library Andover, MA 1-978-623-8401

Performer’s Contact Information:

Delvena Theatre Company, Inc.

Lynne Moulton
254 Ocean Street #2
Lynn, MA 01902
Phone: 781-595-5504
Web Site:
Preferred Contact Method: Email
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