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toddlers-6th grade


An exploration of books and reading, using comedy, juggling, unicycling, and other vaudvillian techniques creating an exciting, entertaining and visually captivating, FUN production. We use him for our group Island libraries Summer Reading Program Kick-Off on MV. The audience is laughing and participating the whole time.

He has other programs dealing with social and health (ie:Lyme disease) issues as well.

$470. You should ask him directly. This was out on Martha's Vineyard.

Group Size
we had over 200

Program Length
can vary

Facility Requirements
He is versatile. Performed in our small programs room as well as the large Ag Hall.

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Bill Ross: Screaming with Pleasure Productions

Andree LeBlanc-Ross
9 McKinley Ave.
Easthampton, MA 01027
Preferred Contact Method: Email

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