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A Wizard's Fundraiser

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Costumes, Miscellaneous, Theater Programs

6 and up


Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship can host your library's fundraiser. Local libraries advertise a Wizard's Quest where kids fight monsters with foam swords and foam spell packets while solving mysteries and winning treasure. Your library gets up to half of the fee paid by patrons.


Fees are paid by patrons and split with Library as a Fundraiser

Group Size
up to 75

Program Length
2 hours

Facility Requirements

We host or you provide gym space

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Our 7200 square foot facility located near the Burlington Mall is perfect for your next Fundraiser. Our staff dress in costume and make the adventure a fantastic evening for your patrons while raising funds for your library.

Recent Library/School Appearances by "Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship"

Hamilton Wenham Library
Hamilton, MA

Wilmington Public Library
Wilmington, MA

Reading Public Library
Reading, MA
 (781) 944-0840

Performer’s Contact Information

"Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship"

Brad Thibodeau
103 Terrace Hall Ave
Burlington, MA 01803
 (781) 270-4800
Preferred Contact Method: Email

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