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Stage Combat Choreography for Kids & Adults

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Costumes, Educational Programs, Theater Programs

11 and up


Learn the basics of Stage Combat Choreography used in theater and the movies. Using foam swords, attendees get to learn and practice skills in this interactive program.


Fee depends on location, number of demonstrators and duration

Group Size
As many as your library can contain

Program Length
1-2 hours

Facility Requirements

Space for Audience and Demonstrators

Last Modified


Reflects reduced fee for libraries that help promote event with link to our website, handouts, announcements, etc.

Recent Library/School Appearances by "Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship"

Hamilton Wenham Library
Hamilton, MA

Wilmington Public Library
Wilmington, MA

Reading Public Library
Reading, MA
 (781) 944-0840

Performer’s Contact Information

"Guard Up! Family Swordsmanship"

Brad Thibodeau
103 Terrace Hall Ave
Burlington, MA 01803
 (781) 270-4800
Preferred Contact Method: Email

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