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Totally Bugged Out

Program Categories: * Music * Puppets * Dance
Audience:3 - 10

Don't get bugged, get totally bugged out! How? Why, hop like a green grasshopper, follow the journey of the monarch butterfly, learn the waggle dance of the honeybee field worker and celebrate pollination by shaking a fruit or vegetable maraca on "We Are a Salad." Bring along a bug joke to share and count the parts of a ladybug, too. All songs are original and interactive.

Fee:$375. based on travel time
Group Size:25 - 300
Program Length:45 minutes
Facility Requirements:electricity
Last Modified:02/26/2010
Comments:Show performed at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, The Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Audubon Societies, as well as schools and libraries.

Recent Library/School Appearances by annie and the natural wonder band:

North Amherst North Amherst, MA (413) 259-3099
Jones Library Amherst, MA 413 259-3219

Performer’s Contact Information:

annie and the natural wonder band

annie grilli
21 west street
hadley, MA 01035
Phone: 914 330-6738
Web Site:
Preferred Contact Method: Email
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