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Totally Bugged Out

Program Categories
Music, Puppets, Dance

3 - 10


Don't get bugged, get totally bugged out! How? Why, hop like a green grasshopper, follow the journey of the monarch butterfly, learn the waggle dance of the honeybee field worker and celebrate pollination by shaking a fruit or vegetable maraca on "We Are a Salad." Bring along a bug joke to share and count the parts of a ladybug, too. All songs are original and interactive.

$375. based on travel time

Group Size
25 - 300

Program Length
45 minutes

Facility Requirements

Last Modified

Show performed at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, The Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Audubon Societies, as well as schools and libraries.

Recent Library/School Appearances by annie and the natural wonder band

North Amherst
North Amherst, MA
 (413) 259-3099

Jones Library
Amherst, MA
 413 259-3219

Performer’s Contact Information

annie and the natural wonder band

annie grilli
21 west street
hadley, MA 01035
 914 330-6738
Preferred Contact Method: Email

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