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Sew-Green Design Workshop

Program Categories: * Costumes * Crafts * Theater Programs
Audience:Ages 6 yrs. and up.

Children are invited to participate in a creative arts performance and sewing workshop with Susan Paino, designed especially for the 2010 Summer Reading Program. The workshop begins with an original tale, The Worn-Out Toys Story - and kids in the audience may choose to be actively involved with the production as characters. The performance is followed by a behind the scenes look at how all the props and costumes were created from recycled materials. The second half of the program allows time for kids to do some hands-on sewing and designing activities.

Fee:$250. Discounts available for libraries who book multiple programs during the year.
Group Size:Depends on program space.
Program Length:60 mins.
Facility Requirements:A large open space and two tables.
Last Modified:03/31/2010
Comments:Susan Paino works as a costume designer who finds joy in re-using old clothing items to design costumes, taking things apart and re-designing them into new creations - a talent she loves to share with others.

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Performer’s Contact Information:


Susan Paino
469 Highland Ave., Apt. 1
Malden, MA 02148
Phone: (617) 549-9228
Web Site:
Preferred Contact Method: Email
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