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Jungle Encounters Virtual Show

Program Category: * Animal Programs

Enjoy our popular small wildcat show via the computer! This is a great way to learn about small wildcats and how they survive in the wild. This show is for libraries who don't have a lot of funding, but still want a great show. The virtual show is done via Skype or similar internet video viewing. It is less expensive than an in person show because we don't have to travel to your location.

Fee:$200. No additional fees
Group Size:all
Program Length:45-60 minutes
Facility Requirements:Computer, internet connection, and large viewing screen
Last Modified:03/14/2014
Comments:Having a virtual show is a new way to learn about things real-time without paying a performer to physically come to your library.

Recent Library/School Appearances by A Jungle Encounter:

Boylston Library Boylston, MA 508-869-2371
Douglas Library Douglas, MA 508-476-2695
Thayer Memorial Library Lancaster, MA 978-368-8928

Performer’s Contact Information:

A Jungle Encounter

Debi Willoughby
PO Box 108
Uxbridge, MA 01569
Phone: (508) 380-4722
Fax: (508) 278-4316
Web Site:
Preferred Contact Method: Email
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