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Act!vated Story Theatre

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Act!vated Story Theatre stages two multicultural folktales before a giant oversized book, encouraging reading and the love of theatre. Presented with physical comedy, mime, dance, music and audience participation. The actors speak and use American Sign Language as both a means of communication and performance art.

$445. Discounts for multiple bookings. No travel fees in the New England area August through October.

Group Size
up to 250

Program Length
45 minutes

Facility Requirements
An indoor 12 x 12 space with access to an electrical outlet

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Since 1988 Act!vated Story Theatre has been going above and beyond storytelling to stage folktales that stimulate the imagination, emphasize critical thinking and build cultural awareness.

Recent Library/School Appearances by Act!vated Story Theatre

Julie Ann Rines
Quincy, MA
 (617) 376-1332

Performer’s Contact Information

Act!vated Story Theatre

Kimberly Goza
630 Wickendon
Providence, RI 02903
 (800) 429-6576
Preferred Contact Method: Email

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