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Dinosaur tracks and they lead right to your library. Join Dinoman and his pet raccoon Reflex on an up to the minute kid-fun scientific romp through the world of dinosaurs. Through mystifying magic, songs of science and some very unique props, Dinoman hunts for knowledge and brings audiences up-to-date in an ever changing field of science. With paleontology as the starting point and fun as the driving force, Dinoman puts up his famous 'clothesline-o-time', levitates learning, and introduces life-size versions of these creaturs of the earths' past. Once the performance is over, audience members have the opportunity to touch spiders in amber, gastroliths, petrified wood, and real dinosaur bones and discuss the giants of our past. An unforgettable theatrical experience for the young and the old.

$525. all inclusive. Fees can be reduced if block booked with another library.

Group Size

Program Length
40-50 minutes

Facility Requirements
clean, clear space. It is nice if the ceiling is at least 12' .

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Recent Library/School Appearances by Dinoman Science Series

Grafton Public Library
Grafton, MA

Springfield Science Museum
Springfield, MA

Rogers Memorial Library
Southampton, NY

Performer’s Contact Information

Dinoman Science Series

Bob Lisaius
PO Box 13
Warren, VT 05674
 (800) 392-8061
Preferred Contact Method: Email

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