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What possible connection could dinosaurs have to our solar system? More that you would think. Dinoman-space!, a fun-filled exploration of the heavens. From Mercury to meteors, from planetoids to Pluto, Dinoman takes you on a magic carpet ride through outer space, where science and fun become one! Once again accompanied by his pet raccoon Reflex, Dinoman discusses all. From probable causes for extinction of dinosaurs on earth, to the simulation of negative 300 degrees below zero temperatures of Neptune using ordinary and extraordinary props. Thermodynamics are explained using liquid nitrogen as Dinoman shows the pros and cons of bringing oxygen in balloons to astronauts. What about astronauts helmets made from rubber bands? And is it wise to eat marshmallows that come from the frozen void of outer space? Find out as Dinoman reveals the secrets of science.

Fee:$525. all inclusive. Fees can be reduced if block booked with another library the same day.
Group Size:5-250
Program Length:40-50 minutes
Facility Requirements:clean, clear space with ceilings at least 12' high
Last Modified:06/27/2014

Recent Library/School Appearances by Dinoman Science Series:

Grafton Public Library Grafton, MA 508-839-4649
Springfield Science Museum Springfield, MA 413-263-6800
Rogers Memorial Library Southampton, NY 631-283-0774

Performer’s Contact Information:

Dinoman Science Series

Bob Lisaius
PO Box 13
Warren, VT 05674
Phone: (800) 392-8061
Fax: (802) 496-2998
Web Site:
Preferred Contact Method: Email
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