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Paint the Starry Sky in Pastel: Explore how to use pastels to create beautiful skies in landscapes as well as more earthly cosmic wonders. Greg's hands-on art workshop was nominated for a Mass. Cultural Council Gold Star Program Award: "The Art of Pastel." More than 300 libraries have booked and rebooked it. Longtime faculty member: Museum of Fine Arts Studio School, Springfield, MA, various art schools & colleges, Greg's programs work beautifully for both beginners to experienced artists together. He combines demonstration, lecture and individual attention to each artist as he or she works. "I seek to build confidence and excitement for this beautiful medium, so my method is positive support." "Greg's presentation was enthusiastic, intelligent, and creative. He received excellent evaluations from attendees, who thoroughly enjoyed themselves."-Wellesley Free Library, 2005. Participants learn--how to handle and apply pastel, color principles, blending and layering, creating a three dimensional effect, composition, tone, how to use reference materials from life and photos,the process of painting from a thumbnail sketch to a finished product. I provide hundreds of soft and hard pastels for participants to use, also pastel paper,and other needed supplies. I also display some of my own paintings to use for reference. (Ask about sales or exhibits.) We can work from photographs or still life materials I bring. Art work from participants' pet photos is also very popular. Participants enjoy the new experience, the encouragement, and taking home their paintings."This to me is the ultimate test: that not only did the people come out happy and satisfied with their experience, but that also they wanted more time and future workshops with Greg as their teacher."-Marlborough Public Library,2005.

$395. Sometimes a travel time and expense fee is applicable, esp. if I'm traveling more than an hour from Holyoke, MA.

Group Size

Program Length
2 hours/flexible

Facility Requirements
You don't need a lot of space, and it's clean. Participants work at tables. Perfect for libraries, museums, community and senior centers; any place that hosts programs. It is helpful to have tables. Pastel is dry, so clean-up is a breeze.

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"'What an encouraging teacher!' 'Greg had something constructive to say about every single piece.' 'He is certainly a gifted teacher.' What I heard through these comments reflects a teaching style that is rare: encouraging, positive and constructive, with information given in a style that students find approachable, accessible, and clear." Melinda Georgeson, Director of Education, Norman Rockwell Museum.
"I had a blast!" Beth Donfro, Friends of Forbush Library, Westminster, MA

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Gregory John Maichack

Gregory John Maichack
58 Longfellow Rd.
Holyoke, MA 01040
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