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The Book Club Cookbook

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What are book clubs across America reading ' and eating? How do successful groups create exciting meetings? And how can food add a unique and delicious dimension to discussions of literature? Join Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp, co-authors of The Book Club Cookbook, as they discuss what they learned in conversations with hundreds of book club members across America. Gelman and Krupp will share the secrets of sustaining a vital, exciting book club, and the creative ways that book clubs across the country are integrating food into their meetings. The authors will also discuss the evolutionary process of writing The Book Club Cookbook: finding the titles that make book clubs tick; pairing recipes with literature; and contacting best-selling authors who share a fascination with food.

At the end of the presentation, sample some foods from the book.

Fee:$750. In addition, the authors request reimubursement for mileage to and from the event.
Group Size:any size
Program Length:60-90 minutes
Facility Requirements:podium; kitchen facilities if food is served
Last Modified:02/16/2005
Comments:Some libraries have enlisted the help of Friends to prepare dishes for sampling. Others have asked area restaurants to prepare recipes from the book. Both have been successful!

Recent Library/School Appearances by Judy Gelman & Vicki Levy Krupp:

Wellesley Free Library Wellesley, MA 781-235-1610
Robbins Library (Jennifer De Remer) Arlington, MA 781-316-3204

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Judy Gelman & Vicki Levy Krupp

Vicki Krupp
50 Richardson Drive
Needham, MA 02492
Phone: 617-312-3396
Fax: 781-559-8440
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Preferred Contact Method: Email
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