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Off the Page - Storytelling and literacy

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A story is told in words, but seen in the mind. This literacy program excites the imagination. Familiar stories lead listeners back to the books, while original tales leave them hungry for more.

What are we but our stories? The more powerfully we can create stories about ourselves, the more options we have in life. When someone asks a child, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" that is an invitation for them to tell a story.

The more we can control and influence our stories, the more we can control and influence our lives.

On a purely practical level, hearing a story being told opens the listener to the experience of reading. Words on the page are no longer simply black letters, but symbols creating new worlds.

$300. Block booking discounts available

Group Size
10 to 200

Program Length
45-60 minutes

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Seekonk, MA

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Shirley, MA

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Seekonk, MA
 (508) 336-8230

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Sandwich, MA
 (508) 888-0625

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Boxford, MA
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Mark Binder - Author and Story Performer

Mark Binder
PO Box 2462
Providence, RI 02906
 (401) 272-8707
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