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Around the World Creativity Tour

Program Categories: * Crafts * Educational Programs * Miscellaneous
Audience:6 and up recommended

Let's Gogh Art will take you on a whirlwind tour of the world, traveling between two-four different countries in the span of 60-180 minutes (depending upon your budget and interests). This educational, art-venture will give participants a lesson in geography, culture and art. After mapping each destination on an inflatable world globe (that each participant keeps), and hearing a brief overview of the country's culture, each participant will create a unique craft, which bears historical origins to that country. The history, use and significance of each craft will be discussed as well. Before getting started on the world tour, everyone will paint and decorate our mode of transportation, a hot air balloon. The first stop on our tour will be in Mexico where we'll create colorful, jeweled woven pots. Next on the agenda, will be the West Indies, where we'll stop to create a Vejigante mask pendant. From there, we'll travel to Africa where we'll make an African tribal mask. And finally before heading home to America, our last stop will be in Japan to make 3-D Temari balls.

Fee:$10. starting per person fee, minimum of $320.00 total fee
Group Size:any
Program Length:1-3 hours
Facility Requirements:craft friendly area large enough for your group
Last Modified:05/13/2005
Comments:We can bring this program to any destination, 7 days/week.

Recent Library/School Appearances by All Art by Let's Gogh Art :

Thayer Memorial Library Lancaster, MA 978-368-8928
Haverhill Public Library Haverhill, MA (978) 373-1586
Malden Public Library Malden, MA 781-388-0803

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All Art by Let's Gogh Art

Lynn Toomey
107 Union St.
Leominster, MA 01453
Phone: (978) 833-6067
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