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A Silver Dagger: Exploring Women's History Through Folk Songs

Program Category: * Educational Programs
Audience:teen to adult

Folk songs give us a glimpse into the lives of ordinary women in centuries past, who left behind few written records. In a clear, vibrant voice, Diane sings compelling songs used for centuries to speed work, lift spirits, or ease an aching heart. She accompanies herself on dulcimer and guitar. The stories behind the songs show how attitudes and beliefs from the past still echo in our lives today.

Fee:$200. Flexible to accommodate limited budgets.
Group Size:any
Program Length:60 - 90 minutes
Facility Requirements:Amplification if very large room; much prefer to perform without microphones.
Last Modified:03/14/2014
Comments:Would like to sell the companion CD.

Recent Library/School Appearances by Diane Taraz:

Waltham Public Library Waltham, MA 781-314-3425
Susanna Arthur, Director Tyngsboro, MA (978) 649-7361
Friends of Robbins Library Arlilngton, MA (781) 316-3200

Performer’s Contact Information:

Diane Taraz

Diane Taraz
P.O. Box 1066
Arlington, MA 02474
Phone: 781-648-3719
Web Site:
Preferred Contact Method: Email
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