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Shakespeare Shazam

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Audience:Middle School and Jr. High - enjoyed by all ages

A 45-minute musical for audiences who like to rock out. A fun show with a variety of characters from Shakespeare's classics, some jammin' tunes, an electric guitar and even the Bard himself.

The production also models positive parental relationships with teens.

Fee:$545. no travel fees - discounts for multiple bookings
Group Size:up to 250
Program Length:45 minutes
Facility Requirements:about 12x12 performance area
Last Modified:11/02/2005
Comments:The national tour in the East late July through early November every year.

Recent Library/School Appearances by Act!vated Storytellers:

Thomas Crane Library Quincy, MA 617 376-1332
Paul Pratt Memorial Cohassett, MA 781 383-1348 X3
Wareham Free Wareham, MA 508 295-2343

Performer’s Contact Information:

Act!vated Storytellers

Kimberly Goza
827N. Hollywood Way #375
(mail address only)
Burbank, CA 91505
Phone: (800)429-6576
Fax: (775)522-2090
Web Site:
Preferred Contact Method: Email
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