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Science in Motion

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Audience:All Ages

Science in Motion is a mesmerizing blend of comedy and science that captivates both children and adults! Robert Rivest's creative use of movement, imagery, and audience participation allows students to see science in a new light.

This program celebrates science as a fun and exciting way to explore the world around us. Robert Rivest's enthusiasm for science is so infectious that hard to reach students are often the first to volunteer for interactive pieces.

With 25 years of experience and over 5000 school and library shows under his belt, Robert Rivest is a master Mime Artist, Speaker and Educator. In this program he compares how scientists and artists see the world around us.

Robert Can create a Science Show for your organization! Send the material you wish to highlight and Robert Will build an entertaining and informative show around it. Great for schools, libraries, museums and nature centers!

Robert Rivest's other shows include:Laughter is the Best Medicine ' Healthy Choices ' Science In Motion ' Literacy Alive! ' The Stress Management Show

Fee:$350. Fee Range $350-$500. Block booking Negotiable. Add a fun Mime/Science workshop for $100
Group Size:Unlimited
Program Length:45-60 min.
Facility Requirements:Empty Space
Last Modified:04/14/2006
Comments:Comic Mime Artist and Professional Speaker, Robert Rivest has Fun, Upbeat Positive Shows. Easy to book, fun to watch. See

Recent Library/School Appearances by Comic Mime Robert Rivest:

Leeds Elem. Leeds , MA 413-587-1530
Taylor Elem. Foxboro, MA 508-543-1607
Middleborough Public Library Middleborough, MA 508-946-2470

Performer’s Contact Information:

Comic Mime Robert Rivest

Robert Rivest
P.O.Box 80563
Springfield, MA 01138
Phone: 413-747-5004
Web Site:
Preferred Contact Method: Email
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