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Audience:children through adults

Stargazing using a top of the line GPS guided 11 1/4" Nexstar Telescope. Children and adults gaze through the eyepiece and discover the beauty of the cosmos, viewing all the planets, the moon, galaxies,nebula's, starclusters,and more.

Fee:$300. payable night of show
Group Size:5-25
Program Length:60-90 minutes
Facility Requirements:Dark starry clear night, flat ground, no groundlight interference such as streetlights etc.
Last Modified:01/10/2007
Comments:Discover the beauty of the cosmos and the universe we live in, informative, educational and most of all FUN

Recent Library/School Appearances by COSMIC MOXA Nancy Valois and John Salonen:

Beals Memorial Winchendon, MA 978-297-2434

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COSMIC MOXA Nancy Valois and John Salonen

Nancy Valois
box 304
winchendon , MA 01475
Phone: (978) 297-2423
Web Site:
Preferred Contact Method: Email
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