Supplemental Legislative Agenda Materials

The MBLC has created the following tools that support the Board's FY2013 Funding Request and may be useful as we work together to promote the value of library services and the important role libraries have in the lives of all the Commonwealth's residents.

Additional copies: Below are links that will allow you to print your own copies. Or, contact Celeste Bruno at and let the MBLC know how many copies you would like sent to you.

FY2013 Legislative Agenda Customized Inserts

FY2013 Legislative Agenda Online: In addition to the Board’s FY2013 funding request, users can access past MBLC budgets, information on the Library for the Commonwealth, State Aid, Automated Networks, Library Construction and services for individuals who are blind or disabled.

FY2013 Legislative Agenda printable spread [pdf]: (two- color for 11 X 17 paper)

FY2013 Legislative Agenda printable single sheet [pdf]: (two-color for 8 ½ X 11 paper)

“We All Need Libraries!” poster [pdf]: (full color) Snapshot Day Pictures from Massachusetts Snapshot Day 2011 were used to create a special poster that shows that people from all walks of life need library services.

Cooperative Library Services graphic [pdf]: (full color for 8 ½ X 11 paper): Graphic that shows how the MBLC, MLS, Automated Networks, Perkins and Worcester Talking Book Libraries, Library for the Commonwealth and local libraries work together to provide library services.

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