Other Sources

  • Search for Public Libraries from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) allows the user to locate public libraries in the United States using specified criteria.
  • Compare Public Libraries from the IMLS website allows the user to get information on a particular library, or to customize a peer group by selecting the key variables that are used to define it. The user can then view customized reports of the comparison between the library of interest and its peers, on a variety of variables as selected by the user.
  • Find Your Library from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is designed for students and provides information and interesting facts on about 9,000 public libraries and 16,000 branches.
  • Compare Academic Libraries from NCES allows the user to create reports comparing one library of interest to other libraries.
  • Public Library Geographic Database (PLGDB) mapping from GeoLib at Florida State University provides the location of America's 16,000 public libraries, population characteristics from the U.S. Census, and library use statistics from NCES.
  • Consumer Price Indexes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • From The UMASS Donahue Institute: socioeconomic data including population files, housing files and general profiles and reports.
  • From the Division of Local Services of the Department of Revenue: allows web users to select specific communities or to specify demographic or financial criteria for selecting communities for " At A Glance" Reports or Community Comparison Reports."At A Glance" reports are summaries of key socioeconomic, financial and property tax data. Community Comparison Reports are summaries of socioeconomic, financial or property tax data for multiple communities.
  • From the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston: economic indicators including consumer confidence, state tax collection and income.
  • From The Library Research Service of Colorado: additional statistical resources for statistical analysis.
  • From Data Guru: a compilation of survey response options.
  • From The Survey System: a sample size calculator
  • From the American Library Association, Articles and Studies related to Library Value (Return on Investment)
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