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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

Public Library Advisory and Technical Assistance Program


The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners advises municipal officials, boards of trustees, library directors and others on matters relating to the maintenance, administration and improvement of public libraries in Massachusetts.


The Board established the Public Library Advisory and Technical Assistance program as part of its commitment to assist public libraries in providing effective services to the residents of the community.

The program provides advice and assistance in the following areas:

Laws and Regulations

  • Massachusetts library laws and regulations
  • Other State laws and regulations that impact public libraries
  • State and Federal legislative proposals that may effect library services
  • Provide referrals to appropriate State agencies for technical assistance

Trustee Responsibilities and Library Administration

  • Establishing policies
  • Issues related to the governance and funding of public libraries
  • Reviewing personnel issues
  • Roles and responsibilities of the trustees, library director, Friends of the Library

Community Awareness and Library Support

  • Starting and maintaining a Friends of the Library organization
  • Advocating for libraries at the local level and beyond
  • Fundraising

Information, Training and Resources

Board staff develop information sources, training programs and resources in partnership with the Regional Library Systems, the Massachusetts Library Association, the Massachusetts Library Trustees Association and the Massachusetts Friends of Libraries.


The Public Library Advisory and Technical Assistance Program is authorized by M.G.L., c. 78, §§ 10 to 13, 15.


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