Workshops & Continuing Education

The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners believes in helping librarians, trustees and friends of libraries, stay up-to-date on the various programs and services that it offers. Each year, a number of workshops are held throughout the Commonwealth to assist with the latest information on the following programs.

If a workshop is cancelled, this information will be posted on the agency website and will show on the home page. The cancellation notice will also be recorded by 7 a.m. on the agency phone line at 1-800-952-7403 extension 777.

For further information about a specific upcoming program, check the MBLC Calendar of Events on this Web site.

Annual Report Information Survey

Each year workshops are held statewide in June to work with librarians supplying data to the Board on the Annual Report Information Survey (ARIS).

Library Services & Technology Act Federal Grant Programs

Workshops are held throughout the state for libraries applying for federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Special Project Grants.

Library Technology

Workshops on current information technologies for libraries and Board staff, as well as hands on training for technology grant recipients, are offered in training labs throughout the state.

Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program

As part of the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program Grant Rounds, workshops for General Construction and for Planning and Design Grant applicants and recipients are periodically given throughout the state.

Preservation of Library Collections

Preservation education includes workshops presented by Board staff in disaster preparedness and recovery, and basic repair of library and archival materials.

State Aid to Public Libraries

State Aid Workshops are held throughout the state in September with the purpose of clarifying the State Aid forms and explaining the State Aid to Public Libraries program.

Statewide Services

Orientations to statewide databases are held throughout the state, providing opportunities for library staff to become knowledgeable and stay up-to-date on enhancements.


A variety of workshops, symposia and orientations for public library trustees are conducted by the Public Library Advisory Unit of the Board.

Continuing Education & Training Fact Sheet

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