The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners offers three major grant opportunities to libraries in the Commonwealth: State Aid to Public Libraries, Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) direct grants, and Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program grants. State Aid, and Construction grants are open to public libraries. LSTA grants are open to all libraries that are members of the Massachusetts Library System.

More than $9 million in State Aid to Public Libraries is awarded annually to municipalities whose libraries submit applications and meet the statutory and regulatory requirements.

The Board administers the federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) program in Massachusetts, which each year awards more than one million dollars in grants to libraries. The LSTA program encompasses statewide services and grants for which individual libraries, regional library systems, automated resource sharing networks and cooperating groups may apply.

There are two Construction state grant programs. The first, Project for Planning and Design, assists libraries in the preliminary planning stages. The second, Project for New Construction, Addition/Renovation or Renovation, is intended to assist libraries in the design development and construction stages of their project.

Page last updated on 06/12/2015