State Grants to Networks & MLS

The Massachusetts library networks receive annual grants for promoting library resource sharing, and to offset the ongoing costs of their telecommunication networks, and to support capital infrastructure investment . The Massachusetts Library System (MLS) receives a grant to support small public library Internet connectivity in western Massachusetts. Funds are made available through the Board's Library Technology and Resource Sharing account (7000-9506).

For FY 2016, the Board has approved the following four grant offerings:

  • Telecommunications for Resource Sharing - offsets the annual operating costs for library connections to the Internet and to the services provided by their automated library network, including core library business transactions, such as searching, circulation, cataloging, and patron registration.

  • Resource Sharing Program - provides an incentive for libraries that are members of the nine automated resource sharing networks to list their titles and holdings in a publicly accessible database, and to lend materials to users of other libraries.

  • Small Libraries in Networks- Funds are used to help ensure that all public libraries in Massachusetts are able to provide broadband Internet access to the public. Libraries in communities under 10,000 population that are not currently members of an automated network, or wish to increase their level of participation, will be eligible for an annual offset to network membership. Networks and MLS will apply on behalf of individual libraries.

  • Network Infrastructure - provides annual support for the capital and infrastructure costs of the nine automate resource sharing networks based on number of outlets.

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