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Gale Retires “My Account” Feature

Beginning in April, Gale will be retiring the “My Account” feature in InfoTrac products including PowerSearch and encourage users to save documents to a Google account. Please note that this change will not affect most libraries, as the “My Account” feature was not heavily used.

This change will provide one simple, seamless login experience and enable you to access your saved documents with ease. Once logged in through Google, you can easily share and download articles—including highlights and notes—using Google tools like Drive and Docs. For more information, access our training instructions on migrating saved documents to your Google account.

The retirement of the Gale “My Account” feature will take effect in two stages to ease the transition.

Here’s what will be happening on April 28, 2016:
• Existing users will be able to access their saved documents via My Account, but new accounts cannot be created.
• My Folder will continue to be a session-based feature. While logged in via My Account, new documents will be saved to My Folder for that session. New documents will not be saved for later retrieval.
• New search queries cannot be saved to “Saved Searches.” Existing saved searches will be accessible until Summer 2016, when the My Account feature will be fully retired.
• Users can use the “Create a Search Alert” feature to have new content emailed via a search alert. Existing search alerts will be unaffected.
You can always email or download a document at any point during a session, and Google users can continue to utilize the “Save to Google Drive” option. For non-Google users, Gale is exploring the integration of other collaboration tools, including Microsoft Office 365.

For additional information and the full list of periodical products affected by this updated, please visit Gale’s blog. And have a look at Gale’s video tutorials for using Google Tools.

Please contact your Gale Customer Success Manager at .

This post was written by mheroux on May 2, 2016

New “Related Resources” Functionality in Gale Statewide Resources

Beginning March 7th, users of Gale’s InfoTrac periodical collections,including Academic OneFile, General OneFile and other PowerSearch resources, will enjoy new functionality. When viewing an article, the “Related Resources” feature recommends additional content of interest, providing a more dynamic, relevant presentation of related content.

To view recommended content from within the product, users can click the “Related Resources” button at the top of the article and scroll through the top 12 results, located below the citation. When searching via PowerSearch, results will be pulled from all applicable content.

Look for the “Related Resources” feature in your InfoTrac collections and try it today!  (Click on the > in the red box at the end of the image for a clearer view.)


This post was written by mheroux on March 14, 2016

New Editions of Gale Medical GVRL Titles

Great news.  Gale has just updated 3 of our statewide medical GVRL titles with their newest editions,  one as new as 3 days ago.  When you log into your GVRL titles you will automatically have access to these titles.  If you created direct URL’s to the earlier editions, you will need to update your URL’s with the new EISBN’s.  For libraries that use geolocation, we’ve already updated our link generator with the new editions.  If your library does not use geolocation, but uses their own authentication mechanism, you can find the updated URL’s on Gale’s support site . Go to Direct URL’s and then select eBooks.  You can also download new MARC records for these titles from Gale’s support site by going to MARC records and selecting the updated titles.  The older editions will be available until the end of May 2016 to give you time to update your links.

Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer, The – 4th ed., 2015 This replaces the 3rd edition.

Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders, The –  4th ed., 2016 This replaces the 3rd edition.

Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, The – 5th ed., 2015    This replaces the 4th edition.

This post was written by mheroux on March 14, 2016

Using Google to Access Your Statewide Gale Cengage Resources

Gale is streamlining access to its electronic products through web apps in the Chrome Store and has enabled a seamless user login with Gmail accounts so students can access all Gale Cengage statewide resources directly from their Google Account, and easily share and download content.

  • Improved access: Schools and libraries can provide students with access via web apps to the In Context resources which will be for free download through the Chrome Web Store and Google Apps for Education
  • Integrated Google Sign-In: After authenticating into a Gale In Context product, users can now login with their Gmail account to easily share and download articles using Google Apps for Education tools like Google Drive and Google Docs
Gale to Google Path Tip Sheets:

Google Tools (On-Demand Videos):

  • Using Google Drive with your Gale Resources (3:13)
  • Using Google Classroom with your Gale Resources (5:01)
Gale to Google Path: Google Drive is currently available in the following statewide products:
  • Biography In Context, Gale Virtual Reference Library, InfoTrac products including PowerSearch, Literature Resource Center, Opposing Viewpoints In Context,Research In Context,Science In Context, U.S. History In Context, and World History In Context.
Gale to Google Classroom Integration is currently available in the following statewide In Context products:
  • Biography In Context, Opposing Viewpoints In Context, Science In Context,U.S. History In Context, and World History In Context




This post was written by mheroux on October 8, 2015

Gale Business Collection and General BusinessFile ASAP

Gale’s Business Collection was introduced in August 2015 and added to your Gale common menu and Galesites pages at that time.  Use Business Collection to search nearly 4,000 leading business & trade publications including content from Predicasts Overview of Markets & Technology (PROMT), a premier multi-industry database covering broad international coverage of over sixty manufacturing and services industries useful for competitive intelligence, as well as international company profiles and all business and management topics. Your users will also be able to take advantage of tools in Business Collection such as Topic Finder, which helps to generate ideas for research paths and inquiries, and InterLink, which makes content even more relevant by linking it directly to related articles from GVRL.

Business Collection replaces General Business File ASAP, which was removed from your Gale common menu and your Galesites pages as of September 30, 2015.  You can also find your geolocation link for the new Business Collection on our MBLC link generator to update links that you have created on your own electronic resources web pages.  (For libraries handle their own authentication, mainly academic libraries, they will go to Gale’s support website page to find their link.)

An archive of a recent Massachusetts only webinar to introduce you to the Business Collection is available.


This post was written by mheroux on October 8, 2015

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