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Enhancements to Using Bookmarked and Citations links in Gale Cengage

This updates the Instructions for Opening Citation and Bookmark Links in Statewide Electronic Resources blog entry section on Gale Cengage resources.  It’s now easier than ever to use Gale content from bookmarked or citations links from the Gale Cengage statewide licensed products.  Users can simply click on a bookmarked linked and see the article without authenticating! Also, when using Gale’s streamlined citation service (which includes EasyBib citation export capability), the URL below the citation can also be used to access the article it references without authenticating.


What is a Gale Bookmark?

A “Bookmark” is the “Web address” (or URL, which stands for “universal resource locator”) of the specific page of the Gale collection you are viewing. What is special about this Web address is that you can come back directly to this same page — with its dynamic database content — even when your current search session is over. This allows you to easily refer back to and share with others the information you found in a Gale collection.

How to Copy and Paste a Bookmark

Navigate to the page you wish to Bookmark then click the Bookmark tool. In the Bookmark window that appears, you’ll see the actual Bookmark URL, beginning with http://. Simply copy the URL and paste it where needed into an electronic application (word processing editor, e-mail message, HTML editor, etc.).  When the user comes across the Bookmark URL in an electronic application, they can simply click on that URL and see the article, no authentication needed!


Another great way to share information is using the “Share” feature on Gale.  Simply click on the Share service that you are registered with (hundreds of choices, e.g. Delicious, Facebook, Google, MySpace, Twitter, etc.).  and your service opens up with the link already embedded.

Citation Tools

Simply click on “Citation Tools” and the citation(s) will be highlighted (selected), ready for you to copy and paste it into another application. The Document URL created through this tool, will take the user to the article, no authentication needed!

When Authentication Is Required

Please note that users will be required to authenticate  if they try to initiate new searches from the article or clicking around from the link (meaning doing anything other than just retrieving the article using the link).  For libraries using geolocation, the easiest thing to do is to direct the students to log into any of the Gale databases from your library’s database web page where you have established the geolocation URL’s for your library (i.e or where “xxxx” is your unique Gale location ID).


This post was written by mheroux on March 21, 2014

Britannica Public Library Edition Responsive Design Platform

As of mid-February 2014, the Britannica Online Library Edition (also known as the Public Library Edition) has been renamed Britannica Library and redesigned to take advantage of “responsive design.”  Responsive design, meaning that the display is maximized to take advantage of whatever device (pc, smartphone, tablet, etc.) the patron is using to access the product, was introduced to the Britannica School Edition, released in the fall 2013.  Britannica Library now has 3 levels: Children’s (formerly Kids; 3rd-4th grades), Young Adult (new; 6th-8th grades) and Reference Center (9th grade and up), all searchable as one with search results divided into tabs for the 3 levels, or individually.

As far as linking to the new version of Britannica Library, Massachusetts libraries will not need to make any changes to their links for the Britannica Library suite of 3 levels.  Your current link will take you there.  If you created a separate link for the Britannica Kids section of the former Britannica Online Library Edition, your current links will also continue to take you to the new Children’s section.  However, since the Young Adult module is new, while it is accessible from the Library Edition, if you wish to set up a direct link to that module, you will find the correct link in our MBLC Link Generator.  If you link to your libraries “Galesites” page, the Britannica links and database names have already been updated for you.

One other change to be aware of is that Britannica’s World Data Analyst, formerly available  either as part of Britannica Online Library or School Editions Edition and Britannica formerly  with its’ own standalone link on our link generator or from the Britannica Online Library Edition or School Editions, will now only be available through the stand-alone link.  So, in the event that you did not link to it previously, you will need to link to it in the future.  The link is on our link generator and our Galesites pages for your library.

To summarize, you can use your Galesites page to link to all of the statewide resources from Gale Cengage, Britannica and ProQuest.  If you choose to set up separate links to Britannica products so that your users have access to everything we license from them, but want to keep that number of links to the minimum, you just need to set up a total of five links to:

Britannica Library (covers children, young adults and reference center)
Britannica School (covers elementary, middle, high and learning zone from inside elementary level)
Spanish Reference Center (covers Escolar, K-8, and Moderna, 9-12)
World Data Analyst
Annals of American History (primary sources)


This post was written by mheroux on February 21, 2014

Training Resources from Statewide Database Vendors

The statewide database vendors, Cengage (Gale), Britannica and ProQuest  all have excellent training resources geared to library staff.  We do have links to all of the statewide vendors and their tutorials on our sign up and training web page.

Cengage  has numerous training resources for  for library staff, as well as resources geared to end users of all ages , including live and archived webinars, tip sheets, short 2-6 minute videos,  as well as scavenger hunt games and lesson plans.

For instance for Kids InfoBits they have short tutorials for (parenthetical information, minutes:seconds).

for Librarians, Teachers & Parents (4:05)

for Young Researchers (3:37)

Using Gale Resources to Create Games (3:36)

and for the Junior and Student edition of InfoTrac:

Infotrac Junior Edition (8:44)

Infotrac Student Edition (3:20)

Britannica offers a variety of resources:

Lesson plans

Public Library/Kids Edition includes webinars and guided tours

Britannica Schools covers all levels of school products and Pre-K to grade 2 Learning Zone; links to webinars, up-to 5-minute training videos,and printable training materials (including curriculum standards).

Spanish Reference Center Learning Materials

Annals of American History Guided Tour

World Data Analyst Guided Tour

ProQuest offers training materials for searching their newspaper databases, including platform guides for users, which are applicable to searching the Boston Globe database licensed statewide, as well as videos.


This post was written by mheroux on January 22, 2014

Britannica Lesson Plans

The new Britannica School Edition provides access to additional educator resources including the new Lesson Plan Builder.  To use these additional educator resources, librarians and teachers first need to register for a “My Britannica”  account.  A single school code has been set up for librarians and teachers whose  libraries are  Massachusetts Library System members. The School Code is JWAM (note: those who have been using 8C98 and find that it works for them may still use that code), for library staff and teachers only, not to be shared with students.  When educators use this code to register for their ‘My Britannica’ account  they will have access to the Lesson Plan Builder and the ability to view other educators’ lesson plans.

Once the librarian or teacher is logged into any of the editions of  Britannica School (elementary, middle or high school) they will see a “My Britannica” link to right side of the screen in the turquoise bar beneath the black Britannica School bar.

Clicking on that link will take the educator to a login screen and should click on sign up now. Fill out the required fields and enter the school code, JWAM.  A message with your sign up information will be sent to your email account if provided. My britannica link finderMy Britannica login

My Britannica new account

Information about these features can also be found in these video tutorials below:

My Britannica for Educators
My Content: Educator Favorites
Lesson Plan Builder


This post was written by mheroux on August 30, 2013

Free Publicity Materials for Gale, ProQuest and Britannica Electronic Resources

Cengage (formerly Gale Cengage), Encyclopaedia Britannica and ProQuest all offer great  free promotional  and training materials to share with your constituents.  The links to all of their materials are available from our MBLC Website Training and Support Page.

Cengage -  Order Marketing Materials takes you to a file that contains a username and password that Massachusetts Library System member libraries can use to order Cengage promotional materials.

Encyclopaedia Britannica – School product brochures are available online and orders for other promotional materials for your site can be E-mailed to

Proquest – ProQuest Platform Support Materials includes links for tutorials, user guides, bookmarks and posters.




This post was written by mheroux on July 24, 2013

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