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Statewide and licensed electronic resources are available to all residents of Massachusetts and all libraries that are members of one of the Massachusetts Library System (MLS). To gain access and be permitted to post links to these valuable resources for your library and receive important usage data for your patrons, please consider joining the Massachusetts Library System. Membership forms for eligible libraries can be found on the MLS website.

Training & Support

In-person and distance training provided by the Board and through MLS is held on occasion throughout the state and via webinars.

You can stay up to date on these valuable resources by subscribing to the MBLC's Statewide Electronic Resources Blog. See the Troubleshooting Statewide Database Access Issues LibGuide for assistance with setting up links and answers to solutions to commonly asked access questions.

You can also subscribe to the MLS Announcements List or the allregions mailing list for training announcements and check MBLC and MLS continuing education listings for more information.

The 3 statewide vendors, Cengage (formerly Gale Cengage), Encyclopædia Britannica, and ProQuest also have scheduled webinars for their customers nationwide. A number of these webinars are archived for viewing at your convenience. See the following links for vendor scheduled webinars:


Main training page Webinars Massachusetts only webinars Training Materials

Short on-demand training videos 1 to 6 minute streaming videos for staff or patrons

Gale Support Main Page product/technical/training information, system status, usage statistics & more

Order Marketing materials

Encyclopædia Britannica

Public Library/Kids Edition includes webinars and guided tours

Britannica Schools covers all levels of school products and Pre-K to grade 2 Learning Zone; links to webinars, up-to 5-minute training videos,and printable training materials (including curriculum standards)

Spanish Reference Center Learning Materials

Annals of American History Guided Tour

World Data Analyst Guided Tour


(for Boston Globe product training look for "New Platform Training" or "K-12 New Platform Training",and "ProQuest Administrative Module"

Main Training Page (live & recorded webinars) and video tutorials Training Materials

LibGuides Training Site You Tube ProQuest Short Training Videos

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