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Acronyms, Initialisms & Abbreviations Dictionary - 43 ed.
African American Almanac, The - 11th ed. 2011
American Decades Primary Sources, 10v
American Eras
An Evening's Entertainment: The Age of the Silent Feature Picture, 1915-1928. Vol. 3 (History of American Cinema, Vol. 3)
Ancient Egypt, 2615 - 332 B.C.E. (World Eras Vol. 5)
Ancient Greece and Rome: An Encyclopedia for Students
Ancient Mesopotamia, 3300-331 B.C.E. (World Eras Vol. 8)
Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians Centennial Edition
Boom and Bust: The American Cinema in the 1940s. Vol. 6 (History of American Cinema, Vol. 6)


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Classical Greek Civilization, 800-323 B.C.E (World Era Vol. 6)
Contemporary Novelists
Crime and Punishment (Social Issues Essential Primary Sources Collection)
Dictionary of American History
Dictionary of Women Worldwide
Emergence of the Cinema: The American Screen to 1907. Vol. 1 (History of American Cinema, Vol. 1 )
Encyclopedia of Bioethics
Encyclopedia of Business and Finance
Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion
Encyclopedia of Education
Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence and Security
Encyclopedia of Food and Culture
Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity
Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns
Encyclopedia of Religion
Encyclopedia of Small Business - 3rd ed.
Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa
Environmental Encyclopedia
Environmental Issues (Social Issues Essential Primary Sources Collection)
European Renaissance and Reformation, 1350-1600 (World Eras Vol. 1)
Family in Society (Social Issues Essential Primary Sources Collection)
Fifties, The: Transforming the Screen, 1950-1959. Vol. 7 (History of American Cinema, Vol. 7)


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Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer, The - 3d ed.
Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law - 3rd ed. 2013
Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders, The - 3rd ed.
Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, The - 4th ed.
Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America
Gale Encyclopedia of Science, The - 5th ed.
Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History
Gender Issues and Sexuality (Social Issues Essential Primary Sources Collection)
Gothic Literature: A Gale Critical Companion
Government, Politics, and Protest (Social Issues Essential Primary Sources Collection)
Grand Design: Hollywood as a Modern Business Enterprise, 1930-1939. Vol. 5 (History of American Cinema, Vol. 5)
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia


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Human and Civil Rights (Social Issues Essential Primary Sources Collection)


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Immigration and Multiculturalism (Social Issues Essential Primary Sources Collection)
Imperial China, 617-1644 (World Eras Vol. 7)
Industrial Revolution in Europe, 1750-1914 (World Eras Vol. 9)
International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers
International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences - 2nd ed.
Literature and Its Times Supplement 1: Profiles of 300 Notable Literary Works and the Historical Events that Influenced Them (2V)
Literature and Its Times: Profiles of 300 Notable Literary Works and the Historical Events that Influenced Them (5V)
Lost Illusions: American Cinema in the Age of Watergate and Vietnam, 1970-1979. Vol. 9 (History of American Cinema, Vol. 9)
Major 21st-Century Writers
Medicine, Health, and Bioethics (Social Issues Essential Primary Sources Collection)
Medieval Europe, 814-1350 (World Eras Vol. 4)
New Pot of Gold, A: Hollywood Under the Electric Rainbow, 1980-1989. Vol. 10 (History of American Cinema, Vol. 10)
Pollution A to Z
Reference Guide to World Literature
Renaissance: An Encyclopedia for Students, The
Rise and Spread of Islam, 622-1500 (World Eras Vol. 2)
Roman Republic and Empire, 264 B.C.E.- 476 C.E. (World Eras Vol. 3)
Science and Its Times
Sixties, The: 1960-1969. Vol. 8 (History of American Cinema, Vol. 8)
Social Policy (Social Issues Essential Primary Sources Collection)
St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture
Talkies, The : U.S. Cinema's Transition to Sound, 1926-1931. Vol. 4 (History of American Cinema, Vol. 4)
Terrorism (Social Issues Essential Primary Sources Collection)
Transformation of Cinema, 1907-1915. Vol. 2 (History of American Cinema, Vol. 2)
US Immigration & Migration Reference Library 5V
Videohound's Golden Movie Retriever 2013 ed.
West African Kingdoms, 500-1590 (World Eras (Vol. 10)
West's Encyclopedia of American Law
World Religions Reference Library 5V + Index
Writers Directory, The - 31st ed. 2013
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