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Patron usage of electronic resources is one way to document their value, as well as identify where training and promotion is needed. All of the statewide electronic resource vendors can provide usage reports for each Massachusetts Library System (MLS) member library. Read on to learn more about receiving and using statistical data for your library.

Gale Cengage

The Gale Usage website, Usage Reporting and Tools, is the best place to start to learn all about Gale usage reports, find tips to boost usage, sign up for usage website webinars, and request usage reports. Also available are short on-demand training videos for the Gale usage website.

An institution can be set up to automatically receive monthly usage reports via email or learn how to run reports on their own for a specified date range. Many libraries are already receiving usage reports from Gale Cengage on an automated basis, but sometimes the email of the person receiving the report, or the type of report that is needed has changed. For assistance with this, or to request a single report or be set up for automated reporting, a library can always contact Gale Technical Support at 1-800-877-4253 (Select Option 4), Fax: (248) 699-8049; or complete a Webform

Usage reports may also be run by authorized library/institution personnel in your library who must first register and be provided with a username and password for the reports module. Through the usage portal, library staff can run usage reports on demand and set up ongoing automatic receipt of reports. Use the contact information above, or simply, complete the Gale Usage Website Registration Form Clicking on the submit button sends the form directly to Gale. An institution's Gale "Location ID" (the last part of an institution's login URL) is needed to complete the form and can be found at Lookup My Gale Location ID. A confirmation email that the registration form has been received will be issued, followed up by an email with Web Portal access information.


Library staff can run their own usage statistics for ProQuest licensed content through the ProQuest Local Administrator Program as needed or set themselves up to received automated monthly usage reports. The ProQuest Local Administrator Program is for authorized library/institution personnel only. Please see the ProQuest Support page, Top Support Topics Section for further information regarding usage reports. For assistance with usage reports or to request that a report be run for your library, you many also call ProQuest directly at 1-800-521-0600 ext. 72971 or use the ProQuest Customer Service webform and select "Usage Reports," which is next to last on the drop-down menu for "I need help with…"

To learn more about the ProQuest Local Administrator Program see their Local Administrator Guide (LAD)

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Usage statistical reports are available from Encyclopædia Britannica on an on-demand basis. Reports may be run by authorized library/institution personnel in your library who first must first register and be given a username and password for the reports module From the reports login page, you will also find tabs for "login help," "report help" and "report definitions." A webform for assistance is also provided under the contact us tab. When using the webform, select "statistics help" from the "Type of Inquiry" drop-down menu.

Libraries may also request usage statistical reports by contacting 1-800-621-3900, ext. 7160; Email:

Usage Documents and Standards Organizations

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