Massachusetts LSTA Long Range Plan, 2013-2017

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) requires that the MBLC submit a Long Range Plan to set broad strategic direction for the use of Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) federal funds, to inform Massachusetts libraries of these directions, and to meet statutory requirements of the LSTA act.

In FY 2012, the MBLC contracted with Himmel and Wilson to evaluate the 2008 -2012 plan. The Himmel and Wilson report states

At the time that Massachusetts' 2008-2012 LSTA Plan was written, the LSTA Grants to States Program has six stated priorities. Components of the MBLC LSTA Plan address all six to some degree. … In addition to achieving a high level of accomplishment in regard to meeting these state-level goals presented, the MBLC has been highly successful in addressing all six of the LSTA Grants to State Priorities …

Over the years, the evaluators have been involved in more than a score of five-year LSTA evaluations for states. We can honestly report that Massachusetts' 2008-2012 implementation of the LSTA Grant to States program is the most effective program we have seen in regard to addressing ALL six of the LSTA Grants to State Priorities in a substantive way.

Read the complete evaluation [PDF] of the 2008-2012 LSTA plan [PDF].

Massachusetts filed its 2013-2017 Plan with IMLS in June 2012. This plan set the strategic direction of LSTA for the next five years. IMLS has approved the Masschusetts' 2013-2017 Plan [PDF].

Page last updated on 09/18/2015