Library Long Range Planning

Libraries must have an approved Long-Range Plan on file with the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners in order to apply for both Library Services and Technology Act funds and the Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program. Libraries that have done planning have repeatedly confirmed how important the process has been in their local efforts to gain recognition, funding, and staffing for accomplishing the goals and objectives set out in their plans.

New Long-Range Plans are due at the Board offices on October 1st of each year. Annual Action Plan updates are due yearly on December 1st.

Action Plan information and template available now.

For more information about Long-Range Plan requirements, including the necessary components of a Long-Range Plan, see LSTA Policies and Procedures and the Massachusetts Long Range Plan.

See Planning FAQs for frequently asked questions about writing and updating your library's Long-Range Plan. Consultants from the Massachusetts Library System can offer valuable help to libraries of all types who are beginning the planning process.

For school libraries undertaking the planning process, see the complete School Library Media Center Long-Range Planning Guide: A Workbook for Massachusetts School Library Media Centers. The workbook, written by Carolyn Markuson, Mary Frances Zilonis, Mary Beth Fincke, and BiblioTECH Corporation was funded through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners with funds from the Library Services and Technology Act administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Included in the Appendix is a school library planning template. (Note that the School Library Planning Template is only part of the process!)

For more information, contact
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