Preferred Methodology for Sampling Reference Statistics

Select one week each in the months of July, October, January, and April during which the library staff will count all reference transactions. At the end of each of the weeks, the library will have the actual number of reference transactions for one week in each quarter of the fiscal year.

To calculate an estimate for the fiscal year either:

1. multiply each quarterly one-week sample by 13 and total the estimates,OR

2. add the four quarterly one-week samples together and multiply by 13.

This preferred sampling methodology was developed in consultation with Massachusetts library directors. The goal of this methodology is to provide a consistent, valid, labor-saving way for a library to collect descriptive service information regardless of which season of the year is the busiest.

The preferred samply methodology was first introduced beginning on July 2, 2001 for FY2002 data rquested on the FY2003 ARIS.

Although use of the preferred methodology is not required to retain state aid eligibility, libraries that do not keep an acutal count of reference transactions are encouraged to use it.

Page last updated on 07/1/2015