Minimum Standards of Hours of Service for Public Libraries


Minimum Hours Open Per Week:
In keeping with the regulation that "library service should be available to the community a minimum number of hours per week," (605 CMR 4.0) the minimum hours requirement will apply during each week of the compliance period. To meet the requirement, a public library must be open the required hours, days and evenings during each week of the compliance period.

Compliance Period/Winter Hours:
The compliance period (winter hours) will be defined as those days after the Labor Day holiday weekend until the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Summer Schedule:
The summer schedule period will be those days from after the Memorial Day holiday weekend until the Labor Day holiday weekend, and the library's summer schedule must apply to each week during that period.

Massachusetts Legal Holidays:
Libraries may close on Massachusetts legal holidays and local municipal holidays, and not affect their compliance with the hours of service standards.


Initial Approval of Policy: Febraury 4, 1993
FY2012 Approval Date: October 1, 2009
State Aid Policies are approved annually


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