Points for Library Service

The Points for Library Service subcommittee recommends establishing the Points for Library Service component of the State Aid to Public Libraries program. Libraries would earn points and monetary awards by exceeding the minimum requirements of the State Aid program. Municipalities would be required to be certified/meet all minimum requirements in order to qualify for this component of the State Aid program.

Points would be earned for most measures by exceeding the peer group, EQV-qualified median per capita levels. Points would be earned for the other measures if libraries meet or exceed the measure. Measurement would be based on cross-tabulated tables of population groupings and EQV per capita groupings for each measure. Medians would be calculated each year for the program two years in the future. The measures would not be weighted.


(Peer Group Medians)

1. Direct Circulation
2. Materials/Content (to be determined based on minimum requirement)
3. Annual duplicated hours open (includes branch and bookmobile hours)
4. Number of programs
5. Program attendance
7. Public access Internet computers
8. Staff development (number of hours, weighted for outside training that costs $, e.g. conference attendance vs. in-house or regional training)


9. Meet or exceed the recommended MLA minimum salary for entry level MLS librarians
10. Long range plan that meets LSTA requirements (Also technology plan? Disaster plan?)
11. Director/CLO with MLS when not required by minimum standards
12. Community Outreach (to be defined, includes bookmobiles, visits to homebound residents, deposit collections, etc.
13. Resource Net Lender

Once the total number of points earned by all libraries is determined, the total amount available for this program would be divided by the total points earned and a per-point award amount would be calculated.

Page last updated on 07/1/2015