State Aid Review Committee 2006

Subcommittee Structure

Based on the discussions and progress made at the first full committee meeting we believe that the best way to develop the next generation state aid program is to break into 3 working groups. Each group will develop it version of a state aid program from purpose to requirements to funding for presentation to the full committee. This way, every committee member will have an opportunity to work on all aspects of the program in a holistic way.

(1) Three subgroups will be composed of committee members representing the various geographies, population sizes and organizational affiliations of the full committee.

(2) These subcommittees will begin work during the October 31, 2006 full committee meeting.

(3) These subcommittees will meet simultaneously, three times prior to the March full committee meetings.

(4) Each simultaneous meeting will occur at the Worcester Public Library in the morning. During lunch each subcommittee will make a report summarizing their work to the full committee.

(5) The homework assignment to list three components of an ideal state aid program will be the initial discussion point for the subcommittees.

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