State Aid Review Committee 2006

Implementation Time Line

This time line should be viewed as a best case scenario. Each step outlined below would have to occur at the earliest possible date for this time line to work.

May 2007 Committee report and recommendations presented to the MBLC
July 2007 MBLC accepts report and directs staff to schedule public forums to hear the response of the library community to the new program design.
October 2007 Funding for the new program is included in MBLC's FY2009 legislative agenda (budget request).
November 2007 Legislation filed (if necessary) to provide new statutory framework for the program.
September 2008 Following passage of legislation, regulations are promulgated, public hearings are held and regulations adopted by MBLC.
January 2009 New State Aid program is fully defined in statute and regulation ready for the FY2010 grant round.
January 2012 Complete program including a 3-year phase-in or grace period is fully in place.
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