The MBLC jobs board lets you add, edit, and delete library jobs for your institution, as well as view all posted library jobs in Massachusetts. Postings appear live as soon as they are submitted.

At the top of the page, you select the criteria for jobs that you want to view. You can also add or edit an existing entry, using these buttons:

Display Jobs New Entry Edit Entry Help

Displaying Jobs

Choose the search criteria that best meet your job requirements, then select "Display Jobs."

There are four dropdown list boxes at the top of the screen: Region, Institution Type, Education Required, and Job Type. Select a particular value from one or more of the drop-down lists to limit your search.

Graphic - Selecting jobs by region All positions are assigned to one of the six geographic areas in Massachusetts that once defined the regional library systems. Check our listing of municipalities by region if unsure.

Note: Libraries do not need to be members of the Massachusetts Library System (regional program) to have positions listed.

Graphic- Selecting jobs by Institution Type Choose a specific type of library (e.g. public or school), or use the default "ALL" to view listings from all types.
Graphic- Selecting jobs by education requirement This lets you select positions which require an Master's Degree in Library Science (MLS) or equivalent, or a Bachelor's degree. By selecting NA you will see positions for which an MLS or Bachelor's is not relevant or is not required.
Graphic- Selecting jobs by full or part-time opening Any job that is under 30 hours per week is classified as part time.

Viewing Individual Jobs

  1. Select the View button to see the detailed description of a particular job.

  2. If more than one job matched your search, on the job view screen, you will see Previous and Next buttons.

Add a New Job

  1. To create a new job, click on the "New Entry" button.

  2. Fill in or change the form fields as needed.
    Hint: Use your Tab key to move from field to field efficiently.

    • Data Entry Section

      The Data Entry person is not necessarily the same person as the Job Contact. We are tracking this information in case there are difficulties with job listings. All fields are required. The information is stored in a cookie, and should only need to be entered once from any particular computer. The cookie will expire after six months. Please review the data entry information for accuracy and update as necessary.

    • Job Listing Section

      All fields are either required, or will supply a default value.

      • Institution Type
        Select the type of library. Only the six regional headquarters should use the type Regional Library System. Only the nine automated resource sharing networks should use the type Automated Network.

      • Job Type
        Jobs that require less than 30 hours per week are considered part time.

      • Institution
        The name of your organization or library. For academic, school, and special libraries, the institution name should precede the library name (e.g., UMass Amherst, W.E.B Dubois Library).
        For public libraries, the municipality should precede the library name, if not redundant (e.g., Arlington, Robbins Library).

      • Location
        Select the region in which your library is located. Libraries do not need to be members of regions to post to these job listings; however. If you do not know the correct region, identify it from our listing of municipality by region. No out-of-state listings are permitted.

      • Title
        Enter the title of the position here.

      • Description
        Enter job description, requirements, and any descriptive information about your institution or library here. This field is preformatted text. Use your Enter key to create carriage returns. If you know HTML, you may create hyperlinks to you own website or a more complete job description here.

      • Qualifications
        Enter any required or preferred job qualifications here. This field is "preformatted" text. Use your Enter key to create carriage returns.

      • Education
        Select MLS, BA/BS, or NA from the drop down. If MLS is preferred but not required, use your best judgment. If you select MLS, users who query the job listings for MLS jobs or ALL jobs will see your job listing. Otherwise, they will not see your job listed.

      • Salary
        We strongly recommend that you put a salary indicator here. If you leave this field blank, the entry will default to "None given."

      • Closing Date
        This is a free-text field that allows you to succinctly describe the closing process for your job. If you leave this field blank, the entry will default to "Open until filled."

      • Expiration Date
        If your job closes in less than six weeks, please select the closing date from the Month, Day, and Year drop-down boxes. The job will automatically be removed on that date. If you do not make a selection, your job will expire automatically in six weeks.

      • Followup Instructions
        You should enter sufficient information here so that an applicant can respond to your job listing. This field is "preformatted" text. Use your Enter key to create carriage returns.

    • Job Contact Information

      Unlike the date entry contact information, the job contact person is who to speak to if the job should need to be edited or removed by one of our staff. Name, email, and either phone or fax are required.

  3. When you are done, click on the Preview button at the bottom of the form.

  4. If the job looks correct, press Submit. If more editing is needed, press Edit. If you want to exit entirely, press Cancel.

  5. Upon submission, you will be assigned a job identification number. Please keep this safe. Also, remember the email address supplied in the data entry email field. Both these items are required for you to make changes to your listing later.

Edit an Existing Job or Deleting a Job

Page last updated on 07/21/2015